About Us

Welcome New Friends!

Greetings and Welcome to the Barony of Aarquelle, the southern Colorado branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, SCA, for short.

Please explore our website. We think you will find much useful information here. And we hope to see you soon at an event.

Our FaceBook Page is called the Barony of Aarquelle Meeting House.  It is where we share important information, scheduling, chat about history, and goof around.


For your first stop on this website, we recommend the Officers page because it will help you get oriented. You will learn the names we use for our officers, which officers do what, how to contact them if you have questions or needs, and how to recognize their badges — which may be displayed at events on banners, baldrics (that cloth strip worn diagonally across the body), and other items.

Branches / Groups

Next, If you aren’t from the southern Colorado area, visit our parent organizations main page for help finding the group closest to you. Then visit your nearest branch’s website, or e-mail them for more information about their local activities. It is often best to get involved at the local level — that way you will already know some people when you come to larger events.

Events Calendar

Naturally, you’ll want to check the Outlands Calendar, which is on the Kingdom of The Outlands website, to see what events are upcoming.

Arriving At Events

When you get to the event, you’ll drive, ride, or walk up to an area we call the Gate. At outdoor events there will be a person with a clip board by a sunshade and at indoor events there will be someone sitting at a table near the door. Let them know that you are new and that this is your first event. They will show you how to sign in — you will be asked to sign in on an attendance sheet, to sign a liability waiver, and to pay the site fee. If you are not already a dues-paying member of the SCA, you may be asked to for an additional $10 called the Non-Member Surcharge. At some events, “The Welcoming Committee” may cover this — they operate by donations.

What to Wear

Everyone at an SCA event is expected to make at least some attempt at pre-17th Century clothing. If you don’t have historical-looking clothing to wear, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to make or buy any, don’t let that stop you from attending an event. The most important thing is that you show up and join in. When you get to the event, as you check in at The Gate, ask for the Chatelaine. The Chatelaine typically brings a selection of clothing to events to loan to people who don’t have any suitable garments.  It is their job to help newcomers get oriented, meet people, and understand what’s going on at SCA events.

What to Bring


When you come to an SCA feast, try to bring feast gear: a drinking vessel, a dinner plate, a soup bowl, a napkin, a spoon and knife — and fork if you like, although they generally weren’t used as eating utensils until rather late in the Renaissance. We call this “feast gear” and we all bring our own to events where food is served. At outdoor events, it is better if it is unbreakable — wood or modern lead-free pewter are recommended, but if you only have plastic, that will be just fine. The most important thing is that you show up and join in. You will see that some people have very elaborate feast gear and table decorations. Don’t worry that your stuff isn’t good enough. Once upon a time, those people went to their first feast with very simple dinner wear, too.

One-Day Events

One day events often begin in the morning. Be sure to bring some food to eat and some water or other non-alcoholic beverages to drink. Unlike Renaissance Fairs, there are usually no food vendors at SCA events. Even if there is a feast later in the evening, there is generally no food available on site until then, and it’s no fun to go hungry for long. We prefer that you bring a mug or cup and pour your beverage into that, but the most important thing is that you show up and join in.

For outdoor events, we recommend that you bring a lightweight folding chair. No particular style is necessary. While some people have elaborate wooden chairs, most of us use a wide variety of modern folding camp chairs.

Weekend Camping Events

At weekend long camping events, you’ll need to bring a bit more, besides food, beverage, and folding chair.

First, of course, a tent. It’s fine if you only have a modern tent. Many people who have been in the SCA for decades still use them. You can usually camp in any open space, but it is polite to ask your neighbors, as sometimes groups of friends are camping together and may be saving a place.

Second, a warm sleeping bag is essential, since no matter how hot it may be during the day, here in the arid west it gets cold at night. And be sure to have something underneath your sleeping bag so that your bodily warmth is not escaping into the ground. A foam camping pad, a “space blanket”, sheepskins, or a futon is good. It is helpful to have one of these between you and an air mattress, too, as you can also lose a lot of body heat into one.

Third, a warm coat, cloak, or wrap for nights and chilly weather. While the Chatelain is happy to supply you with a tunic or other garment, unfortunately it doesn’t have warm things to offer in cold weather or at night. Be sure what you bring will keep you warm. Often new comers arrive with pretty decorative cloaks which are not warm enough. Your health, safety, and comfort are always more important than how you look — and it’s hard to have fun if you’re shivering with cold.

Fourth, bring sun screen and hygiene necessities. UV rays pierce the clouds and we don’t want you to get a painful sunburn, so use sun screen on exposed areas such as face and neck. Bring necessary hygiene products — there is generally no way to get a spare toothbrush where we camp. And finally, a spare roll of toilet paper can be useful. We hire modern “portable outhouses” and the organizers of events try very hard to make sure they are always well supplied. However, late at night or early in the morning sometimes all the paper is gone and the organizers are sleeping. So a spare roll comes in handy — be sure to take it with you when you head to “the privy”.

What To Do At Events

At outdoor events, look for signs and banners that say “Public Seating” or “Guests Welcome” hanging on sunshades. These signs indicate that *you* are welcome to enter the sunshade and even sit there to watch the event. And chances are good that there are other people under that sunshade who will be happy to chat with you. If you sit in an empty chair, bear in mind that the owner of the chair may return and you may be asked to move.

Most SCA folks are quite friendly. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help or explanations. Be sure to begin with “I’m new” — after all, we all were once. Some of us are busy at events, helping the Baron and Baroness, or working at other jobs, so don’t be put off if someone doesn’t have time to talk with you. Just go ask someone else.

So, come join us in our creation of the “Current Middle Ages”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to your frequently asked questions or links to the facts you seek.

Q ) How do I join?

First, you may have found this site by knowing someone in Aarquelle. Aarquelle is a Barony within the Kingdom of the Outlands. Once you know what group you are a part of within the Kingdom, you can contact that group via the group portal on the kingdom website.

From there Contact the local barony, shire, or canton  and find out if there is a meeting. If there is, attend it. If not, find out when the next event is, and attend that instead. A great way to find any information would be our Chatelain. She can help you with starter garb and get any information you may need on getting a foot in the door!

Last thing you need to do is pay for your membership to the SCA! You are not required to be a member to attend events but you will save yourself a few dollars. SCA Membership can be purchased here. Its easy to do and well worth it.

What are the titles and how do you get them?

Lord or Lady:  The title used when addressing or referring to a gentle who has received an Award of Arms. An Award of Arms is awarded to those who show promise and dedication.

THL:  might be seen in front of names. This means The Honorable Lord/Lady. This title is given to those who received a Grant of Arms.

Baron/Baroness:  Title for the noble who oversees a barony. (Also called a Landed Baron.) They are addressed as “Your Excellency”.

Count/ess: the title of someone who has ruled as King once and stepped down. They are addressed as “Your Excellency”

Duke or Duchess:  Someone who has ruled as King or Queen two or more times and stepped down. They are addressed as “Your Grace”

Knight:  A member of the Order of the Chivalry. It is conferred on someone who has displayed a mastery of the martial skills (specifically Heavy fighting) and taken an Oath of Knighthood. They are addressed as “Sir”.

King and Queen:  The rulers of a Kingdom. They are addressed as “Your Majesty”.  Their Majesties are chosen through combat, every six months. 

Laurel:  A member of the Order of the Laurel.   Laurel is conferred on someone for mastery in one or more of the crafts, arts & sciences of the SCA, and who has shared that knowledge over an extended period of time. They are addressed as “Master” (male) or “Mistress” (female).

Master of Defense (MoD): A member of the Order of Defense exemplifies skills with the rapier, and who has shared that knowledge over an extended period of time. They are addressed as “Master” (male) or “Mistress” (female).

Pelican:  A member of the Order of the Pelican. It is conferred on someone for extended service that is above and beyond what is generally expected of a normal member of the SCA populace. They are addressed as “Master”(male) or “Mistress” (female)

Prince/Princess:  Heirs to the Throne of the Kingdom, and the people who will be the next King/Queen. They are addressed as “Your Highness”.   

Squire:  someone who has a formal teacher/student relationship with a Knight or Master-at-Arms. Often signified by wearing a red belt (many times with the Knight’s or Master’s arms on the end of it).  

The SCA Newcomer’s Portal is found here.

A great guide for newcomers is found here.


If you are interested in having us perform a demonstration for your school, group, or organization, please email us at: aarquelle+seneschal@gmail.com