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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to your frequently asked questions or links to the facts you seek.
Q ) How do I join?

first, you may have found this site by knowing someone in Aarquelle. Aarquelle is a barony within the kingdom of the Outlands. the Outlands contains New Mexico, Colorado, parts of Nebraska; Cheyenne, Wyoming, and El Paso & Hudspeth counties in Texas. Once you know what group you are a part of within the Kingdom, you can contact that group via the group portal on the kingdom website found here.

From there Contact the local barony, shire, or canton  and find out if there is a meeting. If there is, attend it. If not, find out when the next event is, and attend that instead. A great way to find any information would be our Chatelain. She can help you with starter garb and get any information you may need on getting a foot in the door!

Last thing you need to do is pay for your membership to the SCA! You are not required to be a member to attend events but you will save yourself a few dollars. SCA Membership can be purchased through THIS site. Its easy to do and well worth it.

Event Facts:

There are several type of events, SCA wide events such as wars. Kingdom events, such as Kingdom Arts and Science Competitions, to the local combat practices. Each event has its own needs, some may be camping events some day trips. You can find all Barony events HERE and all kingdom events HERE.

HERE is a great link to helping the barony run an event.

CAMPING? Yes.  Many events are too far to day trip.  Some are several days long, with evening Revels. Information regarding camping will be added here soon.


What are the titles and how do you get them?

Lord or Lady:  The title used when addressing or referring to a gentle who has received an Award of Arms. An Award of Arms is awarded to those who show promise and dedication.

THL:  might be seen in front of names. This means The Honorable Lord/Lady. This title is given to those who received a Grant of Arms.

Baron/Baroness:  Title for the noble who oversees a barony. (Also called a Landed Baron.) They are addressed as “Your Excellency”.

Count/ess: the title of someone who has ruled as King once and stepped down. They are addressed as “Your Excellency”

Duke or Duchess:  Someone who has ruled as King or Queen two or more times and stepped down. They are addressed as “Your Grace”

Knight:  A member of the Order of the Chivalry. It is conferred on someone who has displayed a mastery of the martial skills (specifically Heavy fighting) and taken an Oath of Knighthood. They are addressed as “Sir”.

King and Queen:  The rulers of a Kingdom. They are addressed as “Your Majesty”.  Their Majesties are chosen through combat, every six months. 

Laurel:  A member of the Order of the Laurel.   Laurel is conferred on someone for mastery in one or more of the crafts, arts & sciences of the SCA, and who has shared that knowledge over an extended period of time. They are addressed as “Master” (male) or “Mistress” (female).

Master of Defense (MoD): A member of the Order of Defense exemplifies skills with the rapier, and who has shared that knowledge over an extended period of time. They are addressed as “Master” (male) or “Mistress” (female).

Pelican:  A member of the Order of the Pelican. It is conferred on someone for extended service that is above and beyond what is generally expected of a normal member of the SCA populace. They are addressed as “Master”(male) or “Mistress” (female)

Prince/Princess:  Heirs to the Throne of the Kingdom, and the people who will be the next King/Queen. They are addressed as “Your Highness”.   

Squire:  someone who has a formal teacher/student relationship with a Knight or Master-at-Arms. Often signified by wearing a red belt (many times with the Knight’s or Master’s arms on the end of it).  

Truth be told, there are a lot of terms used in the SCA.  A great reference to them and where I found the above are HERE.

The SCA Newcomer’s Portal is found here.


A great article for newcomers is found here.



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