Baronial Records

2023 Q3 Seneschal Report

Barony of Aarquelle Quarterly Report (3rd Quarter)


The Barony of Aarquelle prospers. Summer has passed, and as we head into the cooler months, we look back on our accomplishments. Members of our Barony have traveled to various wars, tournaments, and events across the Outlands, and the Knowne World.

July saw the Great War Battlemoor held in our Barony for the first time since the Plague. It was a fantastic event in spite of crazy weather, and all the intricacies of a new site. Our Baron Teigr was one of the stewards, and many gentles within the Barony took part. Awards were given to these gentles at the event: Florie Edde of Braemar– Argent Hart, and Ivar Thorgrimsson– Argent Hart.

In August, the Barony participated in IdeaCon at the Pueblo Public Library, and Beulah Arts Festival.

In September, the Barony held Harvest Fest. This is our Arts & Sciences event. We had a great crowd, including Cyning Mordygan and Cwyne Ymanie. The feast was wonderful, and there were a number of interesting classes. Awards were handed out to our populace. The new Arts & Sciences Defenders are:
First tries – Solveig Stephenson
Arts – Unna Farulfsdottir
Science – Ragnvaldr of Rendlesham
Bardic – Teresa de Granada
Youth – Evelyn of Aarquelle

Our populace received a number of Baronial awards at Harvest Fest.

Alrekr Stefansson – Mace of Aarquelle (archery)
Solveig Stephenson – Mace of Aarquelle (archery)
Steinn ulfr – Anvil of Aarquelle
Muirghen of Aarquelle – Sun and Mountain of Aarquelle
Robert atte Blackwell– Mace of Aarquelle (rapier)
Jokull Blaengr – Anvil of Aarquelle
Otama drengamodir– Anvil of Aarquelle
Haven of Aarquelle – Anvil of Aarquelle

Here are the Kingdom Awards received at Harvest Fest

Audrey la Solitaire – Pelican
Gerwyn y Teigr – Pelican
Belaset the Jewess – Argent Hart
Burhcwen Tedforda – Stag and Chalice
Ragnvaldr of Rendlesham – Sharparrow
Amice de Clara – Stag
Chiara Sorenza – White Scarf

September also saw our Barony update social media on Facebook, and our website. The Barony had put in a bid for Coronation in January, which has been accepted. Planning for that event is now in process.

Our Baronial Business meetings are held via Zoom every second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. The link for the meetings is published on the Baronial Meeting House Facebook page the day of the meetings. This meeting is also broadcast at our Wednesday A&S night at the Pueblo West Public Library at the same time. This gives us the broadest reach of members as Aarquelle is a large Barony landwise. Please feel free to join us.

Planning for events is usually started at the business meetings, if there is time after reports. If not, special meetings are called, or worked on at A&S or fighter practices.

In general, our memberships have held steady at 70 people on average. We have been slowly expanding our Officer corp, with new deputies, and new officers as warrants expire. Our social media presence on Facebook is amazing. There are upwards of 650 members on the Meeting House page, and over half of the members are active participants. They post about events, history finds, what they are making, classes they’ve taken, or cool videos about medieval crafts.

Our A&S night as mentioned is every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Pueblo West Library. We average between 10-15 people per night. There are classes held on some evenings.

Fighter Practices/Folkmoot is every Sunday morning at Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo. 10Am in the summer, and 11am in the winter. Yes, this is an outdoor practice, yet it is rarely called due to weather. Heavy and Rapier practice while others talk, or do Arts. It’s also an impromptu venue for picnics, swap meets, and local court.

Archery is held every other Saturday at the Bighorn Range at the Pueblo Reservoir. Practice is at 10am, and if the weather is bad, cancellation notices are posted on the Facebook page.

On occasion, there are rapier, and A&S events held in other parts of the Barony. These are usually noted on social media.

Our next big event for the Barony will be Coronation on January 20th & 21st.