Hail and Welcome!

The Barony of Aarquelle is located in the Kingdom of the Outlands covering southern Colorado from Pueblo to Trinidad, Leadville to Lamar, including Rye, Beulah, La Junta, Canon City and Westcliffe with hot spots of activity in Pueblo, Colorado City, Walsenburg, and Salida.

Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism; also known as the Society or the SCA. Prepare to step into a world of chivalry, art, and camaraderie – a world shared by nearly 100,000 others who seek the same dream. Armored knights are locked in combat on the list field, artisans under brightly-colored pavilions are painting illuminated manuscripts, and friends nearby put the finishing touches on their newest gowns, all with Renaissance music playing softly in the background.

What is the SCA? The SCA was incorporated in 1968 as a 501(c)3, not-for-profit educational organization. It is part of the “living history” movement, which means that SCA members have a “hands-on” approach to history, engaging in activities that help them to explore the culture, arts, and sciences of ages past. The SCA period encompasses pre-17th century Western Europe, with an emphasis on the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The most visible focus of many SCA events is our martial activities. Many SCA members recreate the armored chivalric combat of the High Middle Ages, wearing replica metal or leather armor, carrying shields and using rattan weapons that have the balance and handling properties but not the lethal effect of the originals. There are also those who strive to recreate Renaissance fencing techniques using various styles of rapiers and fencing equipment.

Less immediately obvious to new members are all the other period activities people do in the SCA. The range of arts and sciences, everyday skills, and technical knowledge is enormous. Period activities range from bardic performances (poems, songs, music, or stories) to arts and sciences (cooking, glass work, armor making, dancing, needlework, herbalism, calligraphy, brewing, and vintning, among many others).