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Yoolis 2019

Yoolis: December 28
at Borvanshi and Chiara’s house.
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Contact Teigr for the Aarquelle Yoolis Swap forms.

(more information below the carol)

It’s time for the return of another traditional Aarquelle event: Yoolis Eve Celebration.

DATE: Saturday, December 28, 2018

TIME: 6-10pm

Join us for a wintry evening of friendship, storytelling, poetry, music and other cold-weather/indoor pursuits.

There will once again be the famous Yoolis Bead Exchange. Simply bring some of your favorite beads, and give one to everyone. In exchange, you will get one from everyone. You will leave with a pouch full of new treasures.

On Food & Beverage:
Bring something to share (ingredients label please!) and your favorite beverage.

For Fun:
1. A (period or original or recreated) story/poem/song/whatever to share with friends.
2. Munchies/finger foods to set out.
3. Your own body and soul warming liquids.
4. Beads. We each bring some beads, exchange them, and have a unique memento of the Yoolis evening.

How to Bead Exchange:
1. Beads are exchanged on a get-one-give-one basis. Don’t use seed beads unless they make up a larger item like tassels or flowers. (When they escape it’s never pretty.) Charms, wood and metal beads are fine, too.

2. Period-looking is a useful thing, but not a hardcore requirement. Purchased beads or made beads receive the same level of praise. Neon plastic pony beads are good for giggles, but not as usable for the SCA kit. Still … okay.

3. Bring something to put your “give” beads in and something to put your “get” beads in.

Yoolis Swap: Contact Syr Teigr. The info forms are due October 1. You must have your gift COMPLETE and PRESENT at Yoolis 2018 on December 22.