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Newcomers 2019

June 22, 2019
Pueblo West Library
298 S Joe Martinez Blvd, Pueblo West, CO, 81007
This is the event to learn about and celebrate the SCA.
Check out arts, crafts, swordplay.
Learn what’s happening at court. Show off. Ask questions. Get inspired!

Tentative Schedule:
10:00 am: Gate opens
10:30: Opening court
11:00-2:00 pm: A&S Make and take (not sure if there’s a better term for this)
12:00-1:30 Potluck Lunch
1:00 pm-4:00 pm Fighting Demos
2:00-5:00 pm Classes
5:00 pm Court
6:00 pm Site closes

A&S “Make and Take” committed participants so far:
-Lady Elizabeth Bakere: Period spices and their applications (will be cooking a dish for lunch)
-Lord Borvanshi: Leather stamping/Bookmarks
-THL Robert: Period Dyes
-Duchess Selene: Heraldry books/drop in consultation
-Lady Fiona: Drop spindle
-Lady Fiora: Science! TBA

Classes (SO FAR):
-Baron Teigr: Who’s That Hat?
-Lord Ragnvaldr: Heraldry submission/pitfalls (final title still pending)

To Our Newcomers: This event is all about you! Ask questions! Look at stuff! Learn things!
Stare awkwardly until someone talks to you! (Maybe not that last one, but whatever floats your boat)

THIS IS A LIBRARY! Please treat it well.
Everything must be cleaned up and cleared out at 4:00. This is a hard line.
Site is BONE DRY!
There is a playground out back.
There are restrooms on site, as well as running water.

If you’ve made it, bring it for display – Scrolls, garb, armor, ANYTHING of ANY quality. This is all about inspiration. Sort of the “Look at what you can do! You don’t have to be amazing at it. Just do it for fun!”
Bring any books that have helped or inspired you in the SCA, especially if they’re picture books.

Fly your heraldry! Show off your shield. Let’s plaster the room with Inkle trim!

What is a newcomer? Anyone who’s been active in the SCA for less than 2 years.

To current members: This is an excellent time to share things you know, but please remember, what may seem like something simple and common knowledge to you, could be totally new to someone else. Always be nice and understanding whenever approached with something.

Lunch will be a Donation Potluck. Bring food, money or at least your appetite. Please bring a list of ingredients for your food donations.

Clean up and depart