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Harvest Festival A.S. LVI

First United Methodist Church
310 W 11th St, Pueblo, CO 81003
October 23rd 2021
OPENS: 10:00 AM CLOSES: 05:00 PM

An Aarquelle A&S and Bardic Defenders Event


Site Fees:
Adult Event Registration (18+) $0
Adult Member Discount Event Registration (18+) $0
under 18 Free

Site Restrictions: 
This is a dry and nicotine free site. No alcohol, smoking or vaping are allowed on the church property.

The site has a capacity limit of 100 people.

Hear ye, hear ye! The harvest season is upon us. Let us come together to celebrate, commiserate, and compete!
All of the Kingdom of the Outlands is invited to the annual Harvest Fest in the Barony of Aarquelle!  
Join us as we throw open our doors and present the finest Aarquelle artisans in Arts, Sciences, and Bardic. Enjoy the submissions and vote for your favorites.   
While you are there join in one of the many classes being offered. 
Please note anyone may enter, but you must reside in Aarquelle to be declared the Champion 

Arts Defender
Sciences Defender
Bardic Defender
First Tries
Childrens / Youth 
Largess Derby –
Make 6 of any largess item.
 According to voting results ranking winners will chose one item from those entered, with the rest going into the Baronial Largess 
1st place (Grand Champion) submission— all 6  will be gifted to the Kingdom Largess. 

Leatherworking with Don Borvanshi
Drop Spindling with Lady  Fionnait


Story time with His Excellency Sr Teigr


Kids crafts with M’Lady Delane ( felt needle cases & coloring)
TBD with the Her Excellency Baroness  Audrey 
TBD (historical information) with Lady Belaset 

Per the latest decree from the BOD, proof of vaccinations or a negative COVID test along with a state-issued photo ID is required for entry to the event.
These will be checked and recorded at the gate so please be prepared to present your information. 
If you are testing, the test must be within 72 hours of the event and must have been administered by a licensed medical provider.

All adults and all children ages 3-11 must wear a mask during the event.

Our first priority is always the health and safety of the people. Therefore, no feast has been scheduled due to tightening COVID-19 restrictions and health safety concerns. However, you are more than welcome, even encouraged, to bring food for you and your family / group. 
Refrigerator and microwave access is available.


Harvest Festival